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Twist every day, you can exercise different parts of the body
Achieve good exercise results in a very relaxing way

The particles distributed on the soles of the feet will make the body feel comfortable during exercise
There are 3 anti-skid pads on the bottom
to ensure that you will not fall during exercise
and also protect the floor in your home from scratches

1. When sitting in the office, working or at home watching TV or reading, put your feet on the waist twister and turn
2. Extend your arms, cross your head and twist for 5-10 minutes a day
3. Extend your arms, one arm Vertically upward, then twist left and right to repeat the exercise
4. Bend the body vertically, then twist left and right

Size: 24.9cm*2.8cm(9.8*1.1in)
Color: pink, yellow, purple and green
Features: Shape waist and leg fitness
Advantages: compact structure, easy to carry and store
Efficacy: shaping waist and legs fitness
Applicable people: suitable for all ages

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