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The Superb Gel


Material: TPU+PU
Diameter 5cm/1.97in
Thickness 1.3cm/0.51in
Color: clear

Car dashboard, steering wheel, windshield, living room desk, table, gym, or kitchen for hands-free calls, navigation, and watching videos.


1. Designed with a nano rubber pad that makes it stable, Strong adsorption ability, you can put it At anywhere that you like.

2. It can be removed and wash it, and then you can use it again, it’s reusable.

3. Small elegant portable no residue silicone gel pad.

4. Place them on plastics, metal, glass, paint, ceramic tile, plank, mirror, and marble and you’ll be able to safely remove them with no sticky traces!


1. Remove the first protective film, stick the pad on the surface, and press all over the gel to strengthen the grip.

2. Then remove the second film and place the object you want to immobilize. The middle groove can wrap the data cable or the wired earphone.


1. Not used on easily peeled walls

2. Not in a wet environment use

3. Do not hang valuables vertically for long periods of time

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