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STICKS DIRECTLY TO YOUR WINDOW The unique suction-cup design allows you to watch hummers up close from right behind your window!


MADE FROM Copper Plated Iron – This handcrafted feeder is built from copper-plated iron.

We guarantee you the highest quality feeder!


EASY-FILL/EASY CLEAN GLASS BOTTLES – No more wasting your nectar, or cleaning a bulky feeder, with our easy-fill/easy-clean bottles; simply twist and pull to remove and refill our solid glass bottles; store extra bottles in your refrigerator for an easy swap!


TRENDY DESIGN Feed your hummingbirds in style, with our modern, minimal, and geometric design!


CREATE YOUR OWN GRID Combine multiple Feeders, to feed more hummers and create your own trendy grid!



Material: copper plated iron + Plastic

Options:Ā 2Ā Bottles Set,Ā 3Ā Bottles Set,Ā 4 Bottles Set

Net Weight:Ā 70gĀ (2 Bottles),Ā 60gĀ (3 Bottles),Ā 70g (4 Bottles)

Dimensions:Ā 9.5*3*3.5ā€˜ā€™Ā (2 Bottles),Ā 9.5*3*3.5”Ā (3 Bottles),Ā 9.5*3.2*3.5” (4 Bottles)

Package Size: 14*2.2*2.2”

Package Includes: 1x Window Hummingbird Feeder

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