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304 stainless steel self-locking zipper tie can solve many troubles in your life!

Ties are very suitable for various heavy-duty purposes, such as fastening cables and bagsfixing the equipment to poles or other objects, tying stubborn garden plants to garden fences, and any situation that requires lashing and fastening.


High-Quality Material

Our zip tie is made of 304 stainless steel with an operating temperature range of minus 170 °F. to 1000 °F.

 They have great toughness, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and longer service time, which could be used in various environments such as wet places, outdoors, places with high temperatures, and so on.

Special Design & Easy to Use

These locking tie wraps are designed with a thickened buckle to reinforce the tie

In addition, the buckle contains stainless steel balls to keep ties from losing after being clamped

Last but not least, you completely don’t need any tools to install them, as easily as a zipper.

Wide Application

Our products are ideal for the ship, mine, electricity, automotive parts, computer wire harness, home repair, and more.

For example, you could use these on a chain-link fence as a tie for securing the fabric to the posts, which are much stronger than the plastic harness.

Self-Closing Design

The zipper is exquisitely designed with a ball buckle structure that features an automatic locking function. 

Quick and safe, a slight angle to the pointed end provides easy insertion into the tie head.


Provide the best solution for your long-term object fixation work.

Your machinery, vehicles, gardens, farms, cables, pipes, roofs, basements, etc.


Cut off stainless steel cable ties easily and cleanly without sharp edges.

Suitable for tensioning and cutting most stainless steel cable ties width up to 12 mm and thickness 0.3mm.

Notice: Works only with narrow-width Stainless Steel Cable Ties.


Product Name: Stainless steel cable tie

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 200G

Product Size: 4.6 x 100MM / 150MM / 200MM / 250MM

Package Contents: Stainless steel cable tie × 100 Pcs

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