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A Chair Designed For Anywhere
Customers have been asking for an alternative to the bulky, not-so-portable foldable chairs that are oftentimes confusing to set up. We finally have a solution!

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Why People Love it
⭐ Versatile – Always have a comfy seat when camping, hiking, fishing, gardening, festivals, amusement parks, and so much more

⭐ 1 Second Set-Up – Never worry about confusing setups. Just twist, click, and sit.

⭐ Adjustable Height – Choose the height that makes you the most comfortable

⭐ Easily Stored – Its compact size takes up no space; easily store it in trunks, backpacks, bags, under seats, and tight spaces

⭐ Lightweight & Portable – Weighs less than 3 pounds so take it anywhere hands-free and hassle-free

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⭐ Super Strength & Durable Construction – High-quality nylon allows the Stool to carry up to 400 lb

Have a comfy seat EVERYWHERE you go!
A MUST-HAVE for a savvy camper, hiker, or traveler.
Never deal with inconvenient chairs when camping or hiking. The STOOL was made so you can focus on enjoying the things that matter.

You will be comfortable no matter what you’re doing.


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